The 12th annual RIMR conference will be held on March 29-31, 2022.



Each year, 100+ outstanding researchers from various disciplines and backgrounds are invited to a conference to discuss ideas related to issues in AMD research. The conference format is an innovative process that explores interdisciplinary connections. Significant pre-conference preparation is provided, including tutorials to introduce topics and familiarize participants with the language of disciplines other than their own, ensuring that their time at the conference will be optimally productive and professionally meaningful.

During the conference, participants break into groups to work on scientific topics related to atrophic AMD. On the final afternoon, a representative of each group presents a summary of their group’s discussions and findings and recommends studies that would eliminate research obstacles identified by that group.

The conference format provides a wealth of opportunities to build relationships, exchange ideas, and share new perspectives. It is not a traditional scientific meeting — it is part of a larger process leading to powerful results.

Attendance is by invitation only.